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Tuko Secret

The Gecko's or Tuko (called in Pilipino) come in various patterns and colors such as purple, pink, blue, and black with spots of orange (like image above), red and green are among the most colorful lizards in the world.

Some are subtly patterned and somewhat rubbery looking, while others are brightly colored. Some species can change color to blend in with their environment or with particular temperatures. Some species are parthenogenic, which means the female is capable of reproducing without copulating with a male. This improves the gecko's ability to spread to new islands. However, in a situation where a single female gecko populates an entire island, the island will suffer from a lack of genetic variation within the geckos that inhabit it. The gecko's mating call sounds like a shortened bird chirping which attracts males, when they are around. This allows a female to reproduce with more genetic variation, by using sexual reproduction instead of asexual.

Try to watch the video below, is this the "BIG SECRET" of buying geckos ? something found inside the body of gecko, may be it can be cured of any diseases? just watch it!!!

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Secret of Geckos ??? (no video-always refresh page)


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Thursday, July 21, 2011


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